Children and Youth Ministries

Lead all children and youth to Christ. To bring down to them, on their level, through fun interactive curriculum, talks and debates that surround their perspective of the world they live in
Effectively administer the truth unto all the young generation so that they become aware of all the forces around them. Also, so that they may take into account their conduct and choices that shape their future.
Equip today’s youth, first and foremost, with the necessary knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. Specifically, making them aware of the petitions of the enemy who is, now more than ever, demanding their attention. Provide the youth with Godly alternatives to the destructive entertainment of the secular realm such as movies, music, etc. To bring more awareness to the church concerning the youth and the challenges they face.



To introduce couples to Christ through evangelism and seminars. Presenting the word of God to couples with the full understanding of what God’s word is teaching and telling us

To see a lower divorce rate in marriages by providing living examples of committed loving relationships through Christ Jesus
Help couples recognize God’s relationship in their marriage and all its benefits *Teach couples what their roles are in the marriage *mentor couples with scripture based teachings.*Keep marriages alive and exciting!

Men's Ministry

To bring men together to discuss the application of Christian principles to their lives and to establish a forum for men to engage in constructive conversation.
To bring men to the love, wisdom, and knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. To equip men with the necessary spiritual and natural skills to be successful Christian leaders and heads of their homes, churches, communities, and governments.
To bring men (especially young men) to a realization of whom they are in Jesus Christ to restore men as heads of our families and communities. To work with younger men to realize their spiritual and professional goals to provide men with a sense of family (someone to talk to). To provide mentors for younger men
The Men’s Ministry is led by Elder Travis Fields.
Jesus saved my life at 48 years old and I became born-again. He brought me from a place of thinking that I was good; to a place of humility and servitude. Unlike the rich young ruler (Mark 10:17 - 27), I did not go away sad, but embraced the newness of life through Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.
Currently the Men’s Ministry meets on the first Friday of every month at the church. If you would like more information about the Men’s Ministry  
 Please feel free to email Elder Travis at:

Latter Rain In The Desert- Woman's Ministry

To bring churches and leaders together for a refreshing of the Holy Spirit
To provide unity to the body of Christ in Arizona.
To bring refreshing to the body of Christ in Arizona for those who have been in the thick of the battle.
    Latter Rain in the Desert was founded by Pastor Victoria Claytor. Pastor Victoria Claytor the wife of Senior Pastor Isaiah Claytor Jr., co-pastors Rock Church International.

Singles Ministries

To help Christians grow deeper in the revelation of God’s word. To assist them in fulfilling their spiritual purpose Romans 8:26-28
To equip the singles with the Word of God so that we may choose to serve the Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit in order to be useful vessels. 2 Timothy 2:21
Focus on a balanced lifestyle | Attend seminars for singles | Teach the Word of God | Live a sanctified lifestyle.
The Singles Ministry is led by Elder Kathy Willis a native of Arizona who accepted the Lord as her personal savior at nine years old and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at age 11. As a youth she was active in teaching Sunday school and Y.P.D. In September of 1991 Kathy moved to Tulsa OK where she was active in Children’s Church, Sunday school and Intercessory Prayer. 

She eventually moved back to AZ and joined Rock Church International under Pastors Isaiah and Victoria Claytor where she serves as an Elder and leader of the Singles Ministry. Elder Kathy believes that Christians should live a balanced life both spiritually and naturally. God has used her greatly to encourage young men and women to mature in Jesus Christ. Currently the Singles Ministry meets quarterly throughout the year.
Usher and Greeter ministeries
To greet and welcome all people who come into the church with a warm and pleasant attitude. Handing out bulletins, tithing and offering envelopes, etc Showing the congregation to their seats Taking up the offering and helping with the alter call serving and to assisting the Pastor and the congregation in whatever need they may have. Helping to create a pleasant atmosphere so that the Holy Spirit can flow.
To be sensitive and aware of the Holy Spirit and our duties to serve the ministry in a more excellent way so people will be attracted to God and the ministry. To discern the needs of the Spirits of the congregation. 
That everything can flow decent and in order, so the church can grow. To recruit and train new ushers and greeters for the work of the ministry. To be on guard and ready to serve the ministry all the time.
The Usher and Greeter Ministry is led by Deaconess Patricia A. Willis, she has been saved and filled with the Holy Ghost since 1982. Her gift is the gift of helps. She has been ushering and greeting for 28 years, she enjoys serving and helping in the ministry.
Deaconess Patricia has been with Rock Church International almost since the beginning. When the church was held at Pastor’s home she has taught Children’s Church, sang with the Praise and Worship Team, Evangelical Team and Outreach Ministry, She visits the sick in hospitals and nursing homes. Patricia has served with the finance committee, as a janitor and whatever is needed at the church.    
Deaconess Patricia also oversees the Hospitality Ministry which includes special events and Bus Ministry. “I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord than to dwell in the tents of the wicked”. Psalm 84:10
Deaconess Patricia can be contacted at 480-593-3803
To lead inmates to Christ | To take the word of God to the inmates | To teach the truth of the word of God
To go into ALL the prisons and jails. To have different groups in different prisons and jails
To recruit people in the church to go into the prisons. To teach the church about prison ministry
The Prison Ministry is led by Deacon Larry R. Trujillo. Deacon Larry has been doing prison and jail ministry for over 30 years. He began going into the jails to minister in Colorado a year after giving his life to the Lord. He continued in this ministry after moving to New Mexico and again upon moving to Arizona The Prison Ministry is currently going into the Florence Prison once a month. All the ministers involved are required to attend a training which is offered twice a year. If you feel a calling to become a part of the Prison Ministry
Please contact Deacon Larry at:

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