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HistoryThe Lord asked me to build the Rock Church after my brother-in-law's (June-Boy) funeral. The family wanted me to say something special about their brother during his funeral ceremony. It was during this time, I asked the Lord what to say special about June-Boy. The Lord told me June-Boy was the ROCK of his family. He was like a foundation to build on. I say this because it seemed that everyone in the family, including myself, went to June-Boy for things they needed. Even though June-Boy had been suffering from a stroke for several years, God blessed him to be spiritually and financially strong. Often while visiting June-Boy in the hospital, I tried praying for him, but he ended up praying for me.
 Though he was physically weak, as I said, he was spiritually strong. It was June-Boy's revelation of Jesus that made him strong. He was a ROCK. It was during this time that God began instructing me to build Him a ministry where the weak could become strong through the revelation of Jesus Christ. Also during this time, my wife and I were asking God to lead us to a church. One of the churches we visited was having a men's retreat in Sedona, Arizona. During the retreat, the visiting Evangelist was preaching and teaching from Matthew 16:16; where Jesus told Peter, "upon this Rock (Revelation of Christ Kingdom) I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it". During and after that sermon, I was assured that God wanted me to build the ROCK CHURCH, for God had confirmed what He spoke to me during June-Boy's funeral. Consequently, in August of 1993, The Rock Church Ministries was incorporated.

We started as a bible study on Wednesday, which included my wife and I, and Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Gilstrap. On Sundays, my wife (Victoria), my son (Xavier) and my daughter (Torie) made up our whole congregation, along with Jesus and myself. The Gilstraps worked on Sundays and could not attend services. With these six people, God has built the Rock Church Tabernacle, which has grown to be a world-wide ministry, operating in European and African countries. In conclusion, as mentioned in the second paragraph, God wanted us to build a Ministry where the weak could become strong.

Therefore, our mission has always remained the same throughout the years: to lift the fallen, strengthen the weak, encourage the faint hearted, and point the lost to the way of salvation. Most of all, the mission of Rock Church is to let every person know that greater is He that is within you
than he that is in the world! You have the power to become more than what you are, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Service Times

Mid-Week Services:

Every Wednesdays @

11:30 am - 12:30 pm &

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm.

Sunday School:

Sundays @ 9:30 am

Worship Service-

Sundays  @ 10:45 am